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Our objectives:

  • To enrich the lesson planning and in-class experiences of teachers;
  • To engage students by making learning fun;
  • To enhance students' classroom experiences by diversifying learning activities;
  • To improve student learning outcomes, both subject specific and in a broader context

How We Do It

Using technology tools

To meet the goals of our program we provide the following:

  • A teacher technology tool with curriculum aligned content
  • All supplementary hardware required
  • Holistic teacher training designed to help teachers integrate technology into their classroom
  • On-going teacher guidance including lesson-planning support
  • Technical troubleshooting

The Technology


The WebBox was designed by the Vodafone Group. It is essentially a smart phone repackaged as a keyboard – serving as a low cost smart class platform. The WebBox has AV cables that plug into a television, which is a part of the hardware package provided to schools. Additionally, it is internet-enabled through a SIM card.

The WebBox is equipped with a learning application for the classroom that contains curriculum- aligned digital content. This includes videos, slideshows, and classroom activity ideas that are stored directly on the WebBox and can be used by the teacher both within the classroom and during lesson planning.

Assessments and Evaluation

Will be made available after the post-test is completed.

Programme Reports

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