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The Karnataka Learning Partnership is a public platform where all the stakeholders involved in primary education can participate and contribute to the cause of ensuring better schools and education for all children in Karnataka. This effort envisages a system where a network of non-profits working across multiple verticals - education, health, nutrition etc., will bring their data together to present a factual assessment and this will be used to galvanize community led ownership of the public schooling system to drive change.

The Karnataka Learning Partnership is, fundamentally, built on a collaborative model with inputs from multiple partners.
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Akshara Foundation is anchoring this effort on both ends of the equation - by building a network of non-profits, creating a technology platform for them to share data and hosting a common public platform to engage communities and citizens through multiple channels, both offline and online. We have built a module to allow community members to voice their opinions - this model is called “Share-Your-Story” and draws the average citizen to visit schools and anganwadis and respond with their comments. The programme data and the Share-Your-Story component can be seen here:

However, we clearly recognize that such a mechanism, in its current form, excludes the majority of our intended target audience – the parents of children who go to government preschools and primary schools who are mostly illiterate and do not have online access due to lack of electricity, computers, computer educators, Internet connections, local-language content etc. As such, much of our community work will rely on word of mouth, newspaper, radio and television for knowledge dissemination and current systems are not optimal when handling specialized expert information, such as education assistance and community members make their best guess, unsupported by external information sources. Akshara Foundation is addressing these issues and will use technology tools such as mobile phones to address these gaps. The ultimate aim is to share our resources with communities and to collect their feedback and experiences with the government education system so that those in government can gear up to meet the challenges based on data and opinions from the communities.

Do take the first step - visit schools and anganwadis and engage with the school system. Help us ensure that all our children are in schools and learning well - in the long run this is the demographic dividend that our country can benefit from.

If you have any questions do send us a note at info@klp.org.in